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Well-curated source for high-quality and affordable architectural lighting products.

OneSpace Lighting

OneSpace carries trusted global brands like CDN Lighting and others with a proven track record of excellence. From projects of any scale, spanning renowned brands to local businesses, we guarantee top-tier products and services.

Our Products

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Linear Light


Office Panel Light

Spot Light

Pendant & Hanging Light

Vanity Light

Wall Sconce

Emergency & Security Light

Landscape Light

Specialty Lighting


Our Services

One-stop shop for commercial grade lighting products, with 5-year warranty.

Lighting Products

· High-quality lighting products for all residential and commercial places.
· Lighting fixture customization service available .

Technical Documentation

· Lighting lab report.
· Illuminance diagram.
· Energy calculation sheet.

Logistics Control

· Space-savvy & protective packaging.
· Timely progress update and delivery arrangement.

After-sales Service

· Immediate replacement in case of malfunctioned fixture.
· Up to 5-year comprehensive warranty coverage.

product highlight

Light Color Consistency

Color tolerance of the tube spotlight products is stricter than the national standard (compared to national standard 7 with 2) to meet the requirements of high standard space for light environment quality.


Tech Driven Illumination

R&D Innovation

The R&D Center has the main core technology of LED lighting, with a total of 439 patents authorized. The core technology mainly involves LED packaging and color, structure, light control and optics, heat dissipation, dimming control, wireless intelligence, loT application technology, and other focus covering the latest mainstream technology application research results in the LED lighting industry.

Luminance Precision

Production Excellence & Quality Assurance

Our manufacturer's state-of-the-art lighting lab in Germany was succeeded by a multimillion-dollar investment in a cutting-edge facility at our headquarters. Accredited by CNAS, it earned approvals from the National Energy Efficiency Label Management Centre and TUV Rheinland. Our precise light-distribution photometer, with German-imported probes, ensures accurate testing and serves international lighting design, providing crucial data for R&D, production, and design consistency.

Tracked Record

Clients & Projects


We specialize in delivering professional, high-quality, and cost-effective lighting solutions for all residential and commercial projects. Rest assured, our products have undergone stringent safety testing to ensure reliability and compliance with industry standards.

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