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Single Family House Single Family House

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Service Provided
Conceptual Design;
Interior Design;
Furniture Customization;
Sourcing & Procurement;

Completion Date Sep 2023

Nestled in the serene town of Medina, Washington, our latest project presented a delightful opportunity to transform a spacious two-story single-family house spanning over 3,000 square feet.

Our mission was to bring the essence of luxury and comfort to every corner of this exquisite residence. The project encompassed the furnishing of various areas, including the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, den, and an outdoor seating patio.

dining room - overview

Project Timeline:

Design Deepening (2 weeks) → Furniture Customization & Procurement (4 weeks) → Quality Control, Packaging & Shipping (5 weeks) → Installation & Inspection (3 days)

vase close up
living room - conside horizontal
living room - sofa side view
kitchen lamps

Conceptual Design

Our journey with the clients began with a series of collaborative meetings, where we delved into their vision and preferences. Understanding their desire for a harmonious blend of elegance and comfort was pivotal in shaping our approach to this project.

The conceptual design phase involved sketching out the initial ideas and layout plans. We aimed to create a space that not only exuded visual appeal but also allowed for seamless functionality.


Furniture Customization & Procurement

To infuse a unique character into the home, we opted for furniture customization. This allowed us to craft pieces that perfectly fit the available spaces, mirroring the clients' tastes and complementing the overall design.

Our meticulous sourcing and procurement phase involved partnering with renowned globa manufacturers and suppliers to secure furniture and decor elements that embodied the desired style. Attention to detail in this phase was crucial to ensure the quality and durability of every piece.





Offload & Unpack


Move with Care
Finish Up

Finish Up

Clean & Leave

Packaging, Customs Clearance & Installation

The final phase encompassed installation, meticulous packaging, and customs clearance. Our dedicated team ensured that each element was placed with precision, adhering to the design plan. The packaging and customs clearance processes were carried out with diligence, guaranteeing a smooth transition of products and materials while complying with all regulations.

The Medina Single Family House project stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering not just furnishings, but an elevated living experience. The fusion of elegance and comfort in this exquisite home reflects the heart of our work, where every project is a canvas for artistic expression, and every room tells a unique story. Stay tuned for more insights and highlights from our portfolio, as we continue to turn houses into homes and spaces into experiences.

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